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Hindustan Multi Tech (Colvale-Goa)

Project :- Process of Tyre Cutting , Manufacture Tarpauline, Manufacture Wooden Pallets and Fabrication.

I. Tyre Cutting:- Rapid development and research has lead to innovation and newer technologies in all spears of life. One of such developments is use of rubber for Sport Surfaces, Commercial flooring, Rubber Pavers, (road side walk installed in more then 90 cities throughout USA), noise and vibration insulation, mixing with asphalt, low tech pressed or extruded rubber products. In developed countries all the traditional materials in road construction are being replaced by rubber as roads are more durable as it offers better resistance to wear and tear, better road grip etc. the major portion of the material used for construction of the road is recycled rubber and hence better utilization of the scrape generated and cost effectiveness.

II. Manufacture Tarpauline :- with the advent of the plastics and the changed life style made plastics an integral part of everyday life. More and more use of plastics has lead to generation of more and more plastic waste. However most of the plastics are recyclable for further use. If plastics are not recycled for the use they contribute to the environmental damage, clogging of water drains etc. Hence in the interest of the environment protection it is of imminent importance that they are recycled and made to reuse.

III. Wooden Pallets:- Wooden pallets is mainly used for safety of material and packing of commodities and there is generation of wooden planks in large quantities on daily basis. This wooden planks is useful for recycling and reuse to make wooden pallets which is later used for packaging of goods and other commodities. If the wood is not recycled or put to reuse it will litter in the cities and towns and for further requirement of wood more and more trees will have to be cut which will adversely effect the environment.

IV. Fabrication :- Mild steels sections are used to make structural truss, and other sections, like all types of grills, racks, etc are fabricated as per the users demand and requirements.
Proposal :- The disposal of degradable and non-degradable waste has become a major issues in Goa for the Govt. agencies. These days the scrap dealers collect the above scrape and send it to other states for processing. It is now proposed by the promoter of this unit to process the above scrape i.e. rubber, plastic and wood under one roof and supply this as raw material to the users and interest parties in Goa and outside Goa.

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