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Hindustan Rubber Industries

This is a Rubber Crumb Manufacturing unit with a monthly production of 100 Tons of 20 mesh & 30 mesh grade Crumb. This crumb is mainly used in manufacture of reclaim rubber, other uses of this crumb rubber is building of rubberized road, pavers, door mats, small tyres, rubber products, etc.

We have a additional roller grinder machine (cracker) which cracks tyres trimming flap into cracked material, which is a primary raw material for production of Crumb. Cracked material production is of 100 tons monthly.

We are hoping to start with 2 more such units in this year and shall be the leading Crumb Rubber Manufacturers in Goa.

Others Products are also available for sale & enquiry.

Butyl rubber, Compound rubber, Trimming scraps, Tyre scrap, Tube scrap, Flap scrap, Buffing, Cracked rubber.

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